The Montville Fire Prevention Bureau Mission Statement

The Montville Fire Prevention Bureau, District 1, is responsible for enforcement of all local and state fire codes within the district.

The goal of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to prevent fires and minimize the risk of loss of life and property through fire code enforcement and education. The Fire Prevention Code regulates the proper maintenance of existing fire protection features of a building which are specifically addressed in the NJUFC. These include maintenance of fire detection and suppression systems, fire extinguishers, means of egress, storage and housekeeping, etc. The Fire Safety Code addresses retrofit requirements where modifications have to be made to a building to address the lack of fire safety.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is charged with inspecting all of the building and structures in the district, with the exception of owner occupied one and two-family dwellings, at least once a year. Residential property owners contact the Bureau when they are selling their homes or changing tenants on a rental property to obtain a certificate.

The Bureau also investigates complaints.


Residential inspections are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays *Exceptions can be made